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Starting out a new semester or new school year can be extremely exciting for both the students and parents. The first rule of starting any semester or school year the right way is getting organized. Whether you are heading back to school from the summer holidays, or are bumping up to the next grade level, or joining a brand-new school, the first thing on the list is going to be making that transition as smooth as possible.

Renting a storage unit can save up a lot of space in your home or garage and will keep your living space or workspace from getting overrun with books and supplies from last semester or the previous year.

Here, we are going to take a look at a few ways in which the services of a self-storage facility can help you during this time.

Rid Yourself of Clutter

If your child is getting ready for high school and you still have their test papers and books from the second grade, then there’s a good chance you’re holding on to things for sentimental reasons. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the piling up of boxes filled with school textbooks, notebooks, artwork, science projects, supplies, and other stuff can end up taking a lot of space in your home, garage or attic.

Once you find that the boxes containing old school books and other memorabilia are piling up and taking much-needed space (especially if you’re living in a small house), it’s probably a good time to look into renting a storage unit.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

We get it. You want to hold on to your kid’s school books, old report cards and their cute artwork from kindergarten, but keeping all these stored up in boxes in the garage or attic does not mean that they are safe. There are many dangers that can creep up and damage your most prized possessions from school if they are kept stored at home.

For instance, pipe leaks, flooding, termites are just a few dangers that your belongings are going to be susceptible to if they are stored at home. Few people know this, but the paper is very susceptible to humidity. With time this can degrade the paper, resulting in its discoloration and further damage if proper care is not taken. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a self-storage unit is an efficient and affordable way to keep all of the things you cherish from your child’s school safely in one secure location that’s accessible 24/7.

Stash Away School Projects

There are many ways in which schools keep things interesting for the students. One such example of this is organizing activities such as science fair projects. Both out-of-school time and after-school programs offer more learning opportunities for children via courses and clubs that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning, amongst others.

If your child actively takes part in all these activities, you’re going to need extra space to house their science fair projects, books, arts and crafts, and other supplies. Any of these can easily take up a lot of space at home, which could be used more productively or free your home from being unnecessarily cluttered.

A self-storage unit can be a great way to store your child’s science projects, artwork and other school books, and supplies safely instead of throwing them away. Think of it this way, instead of getting rid of your kid’s science project that they have been working on for a whole week just because the science fair is over, you can use the extra space of a storage unit to store away these memories. Besides, self-storage units such as those provided by Save-n-Store Self-Storage offer storage units in various sizes with the smallest unit measuring just 5 x 10, which makes it the perfect size to store away all your child’s childhood memories from school without having to break the bank. These self-storage units are also accessible 24/7, which means you can access your belongings any time of the day or night.

Store Important School/Project Supplies

It’s Sunday night and your children remember that there’s a huge project due on Monday. The only problem is, it’s night time now and all the stores are closed. As much as you’d like to say, “Not my problem, you should’ve said something yesterday” you are also a caring parent, which means you want to see your kids succeed.

Elementary, middle and high school kids are always being assigned projects that more often than not, affects their grades. To get good grades in school you need to make sure your kids take part in and successfully complete all of their school projects on time.

This is where a self-storage facility can help. Rather than having to wait for the science project or an arts and crafts assignment to make the dash to the local department store or Walmart to get those supplies, it is best to stash up project supplies beforehand.

Whether its poster boards, plastic, glitter, woodcraft sticks or a gallon of white school glue, a storage unit is the best place to keep all your children’s school supplies safe and in one place. Since the self-storage facility in Culpeper, VA., is close by, take the short drive down to the self-storage unit and get the supplies you need.

Depending on what ages your kids are, you can organize the self-storage unit by adding in shelves and labels so you know just what box to pick up the next time your children are handed assignments in school. If you need some extra storage space to get ready for the school year then you can contact Save-n-Store Self-Storage at 540-388-1020, email us at, or stop by and see us at 16117 Braggs corner Rd, Culpeper, Va., 22701. In addition to renting a self-storage unit, you can also get premium quality boxes, packing supplies and locks to keep your belongings safe and in the best condition.