As a small business owner, you probably need an extra closet to store all the hats you wear. It’s no secret that small business or home-based business owners need to keep their expenses as low as possible to make a profit.

This often means that they have to take on many responsibilities themselves (hence the hat reference) to keep their business running. Perhaps you can wait for your business to take off before you hire a few more helping hands, some things just can’t wait while running a home-based business: like storage space.

Why do you need your own Self-Storage Space?

Once your assets and inventories increase, chances are your closet just won’t do, and neither will the garage. To make sure your small business has enough space for your inventory, you could use a storage unit. The following are some of the reasons you should consider taking advantage of the use of a self-storage facility in Culpeper, VA., to store your small business inventory.

Plenty of Storage Options

The size of the storage unit you need for your home-based business will depend on the size of your business. If business is good, you might need a large storage unit, if the business is slow, you can invest in a smaller storage unit.

Storage units, such as those provided by Save-n-Store Self Storage, are available in multiple sizes ranging from the smallest unit, a 5 x 10 to the much larger 10 x 35 storage unit, providing you with ample space of your home business inventory.

The best part about using self-storage in Culpeper, Va., is that these services are scalable, which allows small business owners the flexibility to scale higher or lower in storage size depending on their needs and seasonal trends.

Off-Season Storage

If you sell products from home, chances are, not all of the products you sell are going to fly off the shelves like hotcakes throughout the year. For instance, if you sell holiday or season-specific products, then you are going to need a safe and secure place to store that inventory during the off-season. Self-storage units are the perfect option for making sure specific products in your inventory stays secure until they come back in season.

Protection from Humidity and Moisture Damage

One of the major problems that home-based businesses face when it comes to inventory storage is dealing with the damage caused by moisture and humidity. Even if you have your inventory covered up in the garage, the lack of sunlight can lead to the deterioration of your products or equipment.

As a small business owner, the last thing you would want is having to deal with an inventory write-off. Opting for self-storage in Culpeper, Va., will ensure your inventory stays safe from the damage caused by moisture and humidity.

Reduces Clutter

This is a no-brainer. Creating space for your home office is difficult as it is, especially if you live in a small house. The last thing you want is having piles of boxes of your inventory lying around. Renting a self-storage unit in Culpeper, Va. is an efficient way to reduce the clutter at home, which creates more space for those “first in, first out” items.

Clutter doesn’t necessarily mean your business inventory. You also have the option of storing away furniture that can empty up a whole room in your house to make space for your home office. If you’re a person who likes to hold on to things, then you might not be willing to get rid of certain items, furniture, antiques, artwork, etc. in your home to make space for your home office. Using the services of a self-storage unit in Culpeper, VA., helps you to have the best of both worlds – now you can have your home office and keep your favorite furniture and other household items safely in a self-storage unit.

Month-To-Month Rental Available

For any small business owner, taking on a commercial lease is a big commitment, especially because they are often for a specific period of time. During that time, your business can either grow or shrink. Using a self-storage facility allows home-based business owners to take advantage of month-to-month rental, which means you only pay for the space you need one month at a time.

Self-storage facilities are also scalable, so you can either reduce or increase the size of the storage unit or the number of storage units you’re using.

In short, month-to-month rental makes it possible for home-based business owners to adapt to the changing circumstances of their business rather than being tied down to a contract for a specific period of time which can definitely hurt one’s business.


The idea of home businesses using a self-storage unit is not just to keep their inventory safe, but also to keep their family safe. Since business inventory oftentimes includes, hardware, especially if you’re a construction or renovation business. If you have heavy-duty tools, then there’s no safer place to store them than a self-storage unit.


Self-storage facilities are an affordable alternative to renting out an office space or extra room. For as little as $50.00 you can get a 5×10 storage unit for the whole month. Apart from that, self-storage facilities offer many discounts and value-added services to attract customers such as, free moving dollies, 24-hours security, and free acceptance of packages for your business.

Ending Note

Professional self-storage facilities such as Save-n-Store Self Storage provide reliable storage services at affordable prices along with many value-added benefits such as, brand new clean storage units, no deposits, no bogus fees or automatic rate hikes and ability to make your payments automatically or online through our website

Users of the service get the flexibility of month-to-month rental, which basically means you pay for what you use, and you also get 24/7 access to your storage unit – no more waiting for working hours or weekdays to get access to your belongings at the storage facility.

To find out more about self-storage options in Culpeper, VA., or to get boxes, packing supplies, and locks you can contact Save-n-Store Self Storage at540-388-1020 email us at, or stop by and see us at 16117 Braggs corner Rd, Culpeper, VA., 22701


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