Keeping a house clean and tidy can sometimes seem like an impossible task, especially if you have a hard time getting rid of furniture, clothes, and other belongings you don’t really need. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends at least an hour a day cleaning their house.

But between other responsibilities, such as having a career, running errands and parenthood, not everybody is able to dedicate a whole hour to cleaning their house. This means that things that aren’t in use get stashed away in the garage or attic.

Untidy room

When you notice that there are things piling up in every available space in your house, it could be a good time to start de-cluttering. But where are you going to keep all the boxes, furniture, and other belongings you do not need anymore?

Enter the self-storage unit.

It is no surprise that more and more people are turning towards a self-storage unit to free some space in their homes to create some breathing space or make more room for something that’s more important.

Why Go with a Self-Storage Unit?

We get it. Some people are connected to their stuff. It’s quite common for people to have a sentimental attachment to old furniture, artwork, or even a car. A self-storage unit is just what you need if you are finding it difficult to let go of anything that you don’t quite need, but is taking up valuable space in your home.

A self-storage facility is an answer to all those who are unwilling to part with their belongings, simply because they might need it later. Whatever your reason to hold on to your old furniture or belongings is, a self-storage unit is a perfect choice.

If your children have all grown up and are now headed to college, you might have plans for their empty room, but you don’t want to give away or sell their old stuff. If you’re recycling the space that was once your kid’s room but doesn’t want to part with their belongings, you can always store them in a secure self-storage facility close by.

Storing Seasonal Items

If you think about it, there are quite a few items in your home that are used seasonally. Examples include garden furniture and lawn equipment, skis, and other tools or equipment for extracurricular activities. Rather than keeping these items at home where they are bound to take up a lot of space and exposed to theft or damages, renting a storage unit will enable you to free up space in your home by storing these items in a secure location.

Declutter and Organize

While self-storage units are often used by residents, it is also the preferred choice for businesses that need either temporary or long-term storage space off-site. In a business context, a self-storage facility can be of much use to business owners who are looking for extra space to store away office equipment and office supplies. In this way, a self-storage unit is a perfect choice when it comes to helping businesses de-clutter and prioritizes

Rather than having to bother about extra storage space for your business, a Culpeper self-storage facility provides you with a safe and affordable service to store your items, so that you can focus on things that are more important, such as, growing your business.

Affordable Prices

.With Save-n-Store Self-Storage, you can now take advantage of monthly and other flexible payment options, which allows you to pay according to what you’ve used. This is a great option for those who are not looking for a long-term agreement with a Culpeper self-storage facility. The best part about hiring the services of a self-storage facility is that you’re not forced to get into a rental contract for a whole year, which makes it a great option for those who are looking for short-term storage solutions as well. This means you get to decide for how long you would want to use the self-storage unit. Storage units are available in various sizes, so you pay for what you use and don’t have to overpay for a large unit if you do not have many items to store.

Safe and Secure

One of the main reasons why a Culpeper self-storage facility is a smart choice for residents is because it allows you to safely store away your belongings in a secure storage unit. Keeping items that aren’t in use at home, means your belongings are exposed to threats such as break-ins and theft. Furthermore, using a storage unit keeps your valuables away from dirt, rain, and rodents, all of which can cause serious damage to your valuable belongings.

Your Items are Accessible 24/7

Choosing a self-storage unit is a no-brainer for people who want an affordable and easy-to-use place to store their items. All you have to do is load them in your car, truck, van, trailer or any other vehicle and transport them to the self-storage facility that’s not too far from your home. Keeping that in mind, if you choose the convenient location of Save-n-Store Self-Storage you will be able to come and go at your own convenience, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ending Note

Regardless of whether you’re a business owner or a resident in Culpeper, VA, you can count on a self-storage facility to take care of all of your storage needs. All you need to do is contact us at Save-n-Store Self-Storage at 540-388-1020, email us at, or stop by and see us at 16117 Braggs corner Rd, Culpeper, VA, 22701.