There are many ways in which selling a house can be an ordeal. There’s just so much to do, from making sure your property is on all the right listings to getting the photography right so you are able to show off your home’s full potential. Many homeowners make the mistake of focusing too much on property listings and not on the property itself. Sure, you can rearrange some furniture or renovate the kitchen, but when it comes to selling a home, less could actually be more.

Exterior of a house

Less Is More

Rather than adding in new pieces of furniture to your house to make it look “full,” savvy homeowners have begun to realize that adding in new furniture can be counter-productive when selling a home. For instance, you’ve done everything right and have checked off all the boxes on “things to do when selling your home.” You’ve got your house listed on all the best property listings for maximum exposure and you’ve even hired a professional photographer to get the photos perfect for your property’s listing. But what you didn’t realize is that having too much furniture or ornamental pieces around can make the rooms look cluttered and less spacious.

The last thing you would want a potential buyer to think of is, “How will these people clear out the house before I move in?” or “The rooms are a lot smaller than I’d expected?”These questions aren’t going to be very encouraging for the potential buyer. This is why they should be avoided, and here’s how you can do that.

Enter a self-service storage facility in Culpeper, VA.

Most people don’t realize how something as simple as a self-storage unit can be a godsend while selling a house. If you’re wondering how a self-storage unit can help you while you’re selling your home (and you probably are), then read on.


So you like to work from home and have a nice home office setup, good for you, or maybe you transformed the second living room into a fully loaded playing area for your kids, great job. But you need to ask yourself if that’s going to be necessary for those buyers who do not work from home or have kids.

Since you’ll want to widen the pool of potential buyers for your property, you need to make your home appealing to most potential buyers who walk through the door, and not just a select few. The best way to make your home look more appealing to buyers is to declutter before open houses or before putting your property on a listing.

Temporarily storing all the unnecessary furniture in a self-storage unit is a great way to get rid of clutter and improve the chances of someone buying your home quickly. The idea of using a self-storage facility in Culpeper, VA, such as those provided by Save-n-Store Self-Storage, is to make every potential buyer think, “Wow, look how spacious these rooms are!” For that, you are going to need to store your furniture and belongings in a safe and secure self-storage unit.

Deep Clean

Nothing can turn off potential buyers more than walking into a dirty house. Even a house that seems clean to you might not seem clean enough to a potential buyer, and it might make them move on to another property listing. That’s the last thing you’d want as a homeowner, especially after all of the hard work you put into finding the right property listings and including the best pictures of your home.

While the photos you use in your property’s listing can easily be manipulated with software, such as Photoshop, you will not want a potential buyer to think they’ve been misinformed or misled once they step into your house.

As a rule of thumb, even if your home does not seem dirty to you, it is important to make sure that the interior and exterior of your home look brand new, even if it’s a few years old (or older). The best way to do that is by deep cleaning your house before listing it on property sites.

Apart from taking care of normal cleaning tasks, you will also want to get the furniture polished, clean all the windows and doors, pressure wash the exterior, and even give the walls that look worn-out a new coat of paint. If you hire a professional, then you will want to make sure your furniture and belongings are safe from getting stained or damaged during the thorough cleaning process or while painting your house.

While you’re at it, you might want to take the time to make sure any cracked tiles and burnt-out lightbulbs are replaced and leaked piping or faucets are fixed. Hiring the services of a self-storage facility in Culpeper, VA, will make sure that your expensive furniture is not in the way while you deep clean your house. While there are a few tweaks you can do to improve the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior before getting it listed on a property site, hiring a self-storage unit is going to make sure that your furniture and other personal belongings are kept safe while your house is getting ready to sell.

Ending Note

Hiring the services of a self-storage facility in Culpeper, VA, is a smart choice by homeowners who are looking to make a great first impression and seal the deal. You also get the added advantage of not having to sign up for a whole year. Users of the service get the flexibility of month-to-month rental. This means only pay for the duration you use the storage unit or units. With 24-hour access, you can take your furniture and belongings out of the storage facility at any time of the day.

To find out more about self-storage options in Culpeper, VA, or to get boxes, packing supplies, and locks, you can contact Save-n-Store Self-Storage at 540-388-1020, email us at, or stop by and see us at 16117 Braggs corner Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701.